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Our History

Design Floe was founded by Kelly Trainer; textile designer, maker and nature enthusiast currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. Graduating with an MA in Textile Design Innovation from Nottingham Trent University in the summer of 2020, Kelly was determined to continue her research into sustainability within the textile industry, to raise awareness and educate consumers by launching a collection of carefully curated fabrics, interior and fashion accessories.

Our Inspiration

We provide our own interpretation of what nature can do by working and connecting with the natural environment, through the use of sustainable dyeing methods, eco-friendly and natural dyes, rain, solar, snow and ice cubes. Echoing the transitional journey of the four seasons, our designs are a celebration and story of what nature can do.

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Our Goal

We have been forced to slow down, adapt and make changes to our everyday lives. Slow Movement is an approach to working and doing things with quality, perfection and attention to detail. This cultural movement is worldwide, recapturing the state of connectedness. Our products and methods of working are representative of the desire for quality over quantity, advocating a cultural shift towards slowing down and being present in the moment. We are using our nature led processes to help in the reduction of water wastage, pollution and global emissions whilst promoting considered creativity, conscious consumption and quality textile designs.

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